A Health &Wealth program for women

No more feeling broke or broken.

Raise Your Self-Value and Net-Worth

Weekly self-paced eCoaching course delivered to your inbox.

Each Week you will receive a lesson that you can apply to your life immediately.

You'll receive a combination of the following:

  • A financial news case study (and/or)
  • A template to use for credit repair or managing interpersonal money discussions (and/or)
  • A therapeutic coaching strategy to improve your money mindset
  • Generational Wealth & Health Insights
  • A living-well tip to make the most out of the present moment.
  • My personal portfolio investment picks of the month (curated).
  • 50% off on other programs/events within The Finance Therapist portal.
  • Enjoyable monthly 5K Program (walk, run, yoga, daily chore your way to health) with certificate of participation
  • Plant-based recipe (meal or smoothie) of the month (often Ayurvedic-inspired)
  • Monthly optional Zoom, ET
  • Optional Date-Night Ideas for Coupled members.

The program is meant to help you to create the life you desire. You may cancel at any time.