...to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, "hustling" to exhaustion, and putting yourself, your success, and your wellness last.

Includes chapters from Healing Financial Anxiety and Narcissists, Flying Monkeys and Financial Abuse

  • Four Weekly Actionable Lessons
  • A three-month downloadable wellness journal
  • A three-month downloadable wealth planner
  • A three-month downloadable mindset journal
  • Printable Mindset Mantras for Display
  • Printable Wealth Mantras for Display
  • Coaching to better understand women's unique relationship with money
  • Weekly coaching to increase your health & wealth
  • Audio for deep sleep, to increase sleep soundly while you heal
  • A virtual 5k to walk, run, yoga-or-house chore your way to winning
  • A virtual 5k Medal and certificate of completion
  • A 5K Wealth Within Certificate of Achievement
  • Weekly live virtual office hours