Beginning on March 7th|Hybrid Live/Distance


  1. Release stress
  2. Increase vitality/energy
  3. Lose weight/increase tone
  4. Decrease inflammation
  5. Improve sleep
  6. Increase spiritual faith
  7. Deeper self-appreciation

This is a secular approach using Buddhist teachings. Adapt to your belief and feel free to share.

You will need:

  • A notebook
  • folder for recipes
  • An art sketchbook & either pencils and/or markers
  • Tea lights
  • Comfortable clothes (yoga/walking)

Foundational Teachings

  1. Week 1-The First Noble Truth: an exploration of our suffering in its many forms and the ways it can serve as a wake-up call in our lives. Exploring why we are "here" (whatever that is for you)
  2. Week 2-The Second Noble Truth: investigating the cause of suffering including the three core afflictive energies of greed, aversion, and delusion. Who hurt us? How can we release? What causes us stress?
  3. Week 3-The Third Noble Truth: Awakenings: expressions of blessings/wisdom, and their relevance for our own practice here and now. Creating vitality out of the stress (it's all energy, we just change it's form this week).
  4. Week 4-The Fourth Noble Truth: the Eightfold Path to awakening, of ethics and moral restraint (sīla), meditation (samādhi, bhāvanā), and transformative wisdom (paññā). This week we look at trusting ourselves more deeply and getting (more) comfortable in our lives.
  5. Week 5-Foundational Buddhist insights: impermanence , unsatisfactoriness , not-self emptiness, dependent origination, karma-- most are not what you think! This week is creating a beautiful map for our spring-into-summer path.
  6. Week 6-The Three Refuges: the role of faith, spiritual friendship, and community as supports for the path.


If you can't make a meeting (or any) you will always have a replay link sent to you.

You do not have to follow anything to the "T". This is for you to adapt. Make it your own.

This is secular; you adapt to your beliefs. It is inspired by Buddhism which is an inclusive system; there is no worshipping. Ever.

After the first session, if this isn't for you, simply request a refund via mail by the 12th of March.