This program combines 30+ years of therapy, coaching & mentoring experience to help you "be" within the life you desire.

4-Week Program, 3 Healing Phases.
*Beginning on the 1st of each month
*Limited to 6 Clients Per Month*

Phase One: Inventory Intake

Phase Two:

  • One phone-based 45-Minute Session (first week)
  • 4 Weekly Personalized email sessions with homework and self-care & importantly, interaction.
  • Invite to monthly support group session (optional, times vary)

Phase Three: 6-week Be Healing Journal for continued self-healing and option to email weekly, if you have questions about the journal.

  • Therapy: Healing and thriving +
  • Coaching: Motivation +
  • Mentorship: Experience-based empathy-shrouded guidance.
Symbol shown in photo:
Unshakable self, In Peace

After the this program you may repeat it as many times as you wish or begin the journaling program, at a substantial discount.