In response to the pandemic and ever-growing economic crisis, I am now offering a pay-what-you-can sessions.

This allows you to pay a fee that is reasonable and within your means to pay.

I am able to extend this unique payment policy as I have been blessed with a lengthy and successful career and am paying it forward. I want you to feel as emotionally and fiscally secure as well, and this is my part in helping remove blocks that keep you from support.

  • The session is 30 minutes
  • No more than one session per week on this program.
  • The session is considered a mentorship utilizing my experiences derived as a psychotherapist, strategist and analyst.

Please note that my usual fee is between $150-$220 per session, for individuals; this is now waived to help you decide what is right for you.

Please note that fees are nonrefundable, nontransferable nor prorated. Your fee covers your place in my schedule not only the service provided. In addition, you will be placed on The Muddy Lotus weekly support newsletter, which you can cancel at anytime- however, this is the best way to stay current on news, offers and changes in schedule.