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how to Heal Financial Anxiety

If you are reading this, you probably have some level of stress surrounding money or you know someone who does and it is affecting your life.

Healing my own financial anxiety changed my life. I stopped feeling broke and broken and started feeling whole and happy.

It was so transformative that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

I knew that it could make an impactful difference in how they viewed themselves.

I knew it could bring increased intimacy in their relationships.

Mostly, I knew it could change the trajectory of their financial well-being.

If you feel ready for the journey inward, you won't be alone. I will be your mentor and confidant in this course. I'll be there with you as you learn to heal your financial anxiety.

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    Why this course?

    Your past and present stressors are part of that compass that navigates your current and future experiences, including your experiences with money. When you learn to alter the compass you move in a different direction, with more security and freedom, and ultimately greater happiness.

    Who is this for?

    There's something for everyone. The only prerequisite is that you have realized that you deserve more out of life.

    How can this help an individual?

    Individuals will benefit by altering their personal money story which results in more closely living the life that they desire, without the subconscious blocks of the past.

    How can this help an organization or leadership roles?

    For Employees: Employees have their own set of skills and talents but are often coming into their careers with subconscious and conscious unmet needs which bring nearly immovable walls and conflict. This conflict always is inward but might present outwardly as well. The ultimate result is feeling undervalued, "burned out" and even unwell. This program helps the employee to understand themselves and their worth, and more effectively stand in their worth which helps them to ultimately feel more valued, experience purpose and more deeply enjoy their lifework.
    For Leaders: Like employees, you come to the table with exceptional talents and skills. As a leader you've worked your way up and might be struggling with enjoying that place. You might be wondering "Why did I work so hard to get here?" meanwhile you have to motivate others, put out fires and in the interim, you feel you can't light up your own passion for your career. There's no spark left for you. This is where understanding your worth and tapping into the value of others is pivotal. As you heal financial anxiety you'll be excavating buried solutions for life and work, in a way that centers around self-awareness. It also gives you tools to lead and inspire.


    1. Think of this course as a virtual therapeutic coaching session with Michele. As she escorts you through your journey, you'll experience audio lessons and exercises to work on, at your own pace.
    2. She has Virtual Clinic hours every week, where you can ask her questions and get clear on rewriting your money story and releasing anxiety.
    3. The only things you need are the book, the optional downloadable free workbook or you might prefer a notebook. You'll need a pen and perhaps, a box of tissues as you have a cathartic cry over releasing the past.

    The entire course is on-demand, so you may move through as it drips out to you or you may take your time.

    You may also be invited to attend live workshops and book studies, to deepen your experience and results.

    Refund policy. The purpose of this course was to help you to feel more emotionally and fiscally healed. If within the first five days of trying the program, it isn't right for you, please email [email protected] for a full refund. You are still able to read the book and if you prefer fully live experiences you may still participate in other workshops that might be a better fit, in the future.