How to keep going when you feel tired.

Winter is the time for feminine energy to renew. It is a time of reflection, rest and to tap into the melting ice, the pain that we can release. Release images of ourselves that no longer serve us purpose. Join me for free, weekend retreat, delivered to your inbox.

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Private Facebook Group Kickoff

January 22, 2021
6:30pm Eastern Time


  • Energizing & Warming Ayurvedic Winter Healing Recipes
  • Heart-Centered Breathing Instruction for Panic/Stress
  • Art Therapy Exercise & Discussion
  • Guided Meditation (Pet's welcome :)
  • Discussion: Exploring our "water" selves, the element of winter that taps into our ability to melt stress, ignite our lympatic system and build emotional and physical resilience.

Led by Michele Paiva

Cultivator of creativity and lover of happiness

Psychology + Spirituality + Creativity

Blending ancient and modern modalities, we can more readily tap into our female energy and it's shamanic roots in history.

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